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In a volatile environment where alcohol retails in the presence of minors, security is the prime concern. Many of today's public entertainment centres present such situations and control requires a highly skilled workforce. Synergy Pro has provided security to the Family Entertainment Centre for many years maintaining order and protecting both client and public in all regards.


Synergy Pro is a specialist provider of security services within the Public Service Industry.

Its record of operations extends over a period of fifteen years from its origins in providing security within family entertainment and public service environments.

The Company’s reputation for its unique computer and control and reporting systems, strict recruitment criteria, customer focus and initiatives to provide added value to client needs, quickly moved it into the position of being a premier provider of control and security services across a wide range of fields including the leisure and retail industry and national and international high profile event management; whilst retaining its interests in servicing the needs of public sporting and entertainment venues, licensed and leisure premises.

The Company selects and employs Security Operatives to a standard currently higher than any known company of similar standing and exceeding prevailing national licensing requirements for leisure and general security personnel such as set out in the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Synergy is also the first provider to use the power of the internet to bring together its vast array of services and deliver to its clients the ability to review and manage all aspects of its security facilities in real-time.

This new concept in security management provides the client with more data access and control of its operation whilst significantly reducing the overheads associated with costly and time consuming site visits.

The Company is also able to provide consultancy services for general security management, Health & Safety and strategic security operational planning. These facilities can be made available to support client interests.

The Company’s management practice is conditioned by two parameters; firstly its commitment and adherence to quality management systems; and, secondly a strong orientation towards client satisfaction typically through providing the client every opportunity to participate in the Company’s policy and operational development processes alongside the provision of unique service levels and management information.



"Synergy is the first provider to use the power of internet to bring together a vast array of services to its clients"